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Have you been shopping around for a new home recently but aren’t having any luck? Do you feel that despite doing everything right, like saving for a down payment, verifying your credit, and creating a budget, home buying still seems like a losing game?

Unfortunately – for those who need financing – sellers typically prefer to sell to cash buyers instead. So, if cash offers are the golden ticket to homeownership, is there anything you can do to compete?

Yes, there is! Below, we will share how to compete with cash offers, even when you don’t personally have the funds.


Why Do Sellers Prefer Cash Offers?

First, let’s cover why sellers prefer to accept cash offers. While there are several reasons why sellers usually jump at cash offers, here are just a few:

  1. Cash offers can provide more certainty.
  2. There is a smaller chance of the transaction “falling through.”
  3. They can lead to faster closings.


How Can You Compete With Cash Offers?

Now that you know why sellers prefer to accept cash offers, what can you do to stand out among these buyers? Fortunately, the Fairway Cash Guarantee exists for people just like you! This program allows you to compete with cash offers, even when you need a mortgage to buy a home.

The seller will receive a cash guarantee when you use this unique program! This agreement assures them that you will be able to close on your home with cash – providing more certainty to the seller.

Why is this important? This guarantee allows you to bring your A-game in a fiercely competitive market when other buyers may be coming forward with cash, which can help your offer be considered just as much as other cash offers.

At Fairway Independent Mortgage, our Cash Guarantee means that we can purchase the seller’s home for you, even if you cannot close by the contract date for financing reasons. The seller can rest assured that cash will be available for the home transaction – no ifs, and, or buts!


What Are the Costs and Additional Requirements of the Fairway Cash Guarantee?

The best part about the Cash Guarantee program is – that it costs $0! That’s right – you’ll pay nothing extra for your cash guarantee. There are no hidden add-ons, fees, or fine print.

Why do we help clients compete with cash offers for free? It’s pretty simple – we are just as excited as you are about the prospect of your becoming a homeowner, and we want to help you make it happen!

There are a few requirements that home buyers need to meet to take advantage of the Fairway Independent Mortgage Cash Guarantee Program:

  1. You must purchase a single-family residence, so no cottages or commercial properties.
  2. Your mortgage must be either an FHA, VA or conventional home loan.
  3. You must have qualified for the Fairway Advantage Pre-Approval Program.


What Is the Importance of Getting Pre-Approved?

Part of qualifying for a mortgage is getting pre-approved by your lender. Pre-approval means that you have met your lender’s mortgage requirements – income, credit, down payment, etc. Doing so shows sellers that you are qualified to purchase their home.

You must qualify for the Fairway Advantage Pre-Approval Program to use a Cash Guarantee. There are several benefits of being pre-approved:

  • When you are pre-approved, you know how much you can borrow. This information helps you budget your home buying accordingly and narrow your search for properties in your price range.
  • This program helps you compete with cash offers, so there is less risk of missing out on your dream home.
  • The Fairway Advantage Pre-Approval Program can give you the benefit of quick closings! There is typically less waiting around to complete your home purchase, leading to a faster homeownership process. We promise to do everything we can to close your transaction quickly.


Moving Forward on Your New Home

Where do you turn when you want the opportunity for homeownership, including flexible programs, a knowledgeable professional, and a no-pressure mortgage experience? You turn to April Ranallo, your creative and experienced mortgage pro at Fairway Independent Mortgage!

I can help remove the stress from the process from start to finish, getting you where you want to go efficiently and effectively. When the time is right for you, take advantage of the Fairway Advantage Pre-Approval Program and the Fairway Cash Guarantee, which will help you compete with cash offers like never before.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about these programs. Also, please take a moment to check out my helpful resources, including a video library and free downloads!